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  Leigh Wilkerson
Chief Executive Officer
Ext 306 or
Direct 985-231-0497 
  Stacy Raines
Chief Operations Officer
Ext 311 or
Direct 985-231-0516
 Customer Service        
Kathy Hartlin
Customer Service Supervisor and Bookkeeping
Ext 304 or
Direct 985-231-0490

Donna Ansardi
Ext 310 or
Direct 985-231-0513
  Brandi Evans
Ext 308 or
Direct 985-231-0507

Catasha Lewis
Ext 308 or 
Direct 985-231-0507


Katherine Peacock
Ext 326 or 
Direct 985-231-0494


Maggie Pierce
Ext 313 or 
Direct 985-231-0526

Priscilla Poche
Ext 316 or 
Direct 985-231-0879

Theresa Tannich
Ext 325 or 
Direct 985-231-0916


Christi Harrison
Results Supervisor
Ext 312 or 
Direct 985-231-0523

Lisa Freeman
Ext 302 or
Direct 985-231-0484

 Business Development    

Stephanie Ballard
Business Development Supervisor
Ext 303 or
Direct 985-231-0487


Allison Landry
Affiliate Accounts 
Ext 314 or 
Direct 985-231-0876

Donna Yarbrough
Healthcare Provider Accounts/ Spanish
Ext 301 or 
Direct 985-231-0481

Jacy Perea
Social Marketing and Executive Assistant to C.O.O.
Ext 317 or
Direct 985-231-0888


LabCorp services not available in HI, MA, ND and SD.
No services available in MD, NJ, NY and RI. 

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