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VAP Cholesterol Test

Only $109—over $137 off retail price of $246

The VAP® (Vertical Auto Profile) Test is the most accurate and comprehensive cholesterol test available today, measuring 15 separate components of blood cholesterol as opposed to three in a standard test. This more comprehensive test can identify more than twice the number of lipid abnormalities (the #1 risk factor of heart disease) than the standard four component test, and is the only cholesterol test to identify markers for Metabolic Syndrome, a precursor for diabetes. Risks of both Heart Disease and Diabetes can be reduced with the right preventative treatments, which is why more accurate diagnosis is critical. The VAP Test is developed by Atherotech, Inc., a cardio-diagnostic company, and is the first cholesterol profile to comply with updated recommendations calling for more accurate, direct low-density lipoprotein (LDL) measurement which is unaffected by triglycerides. Included in's list of "Ten Ways to Live Longer" and named one of "Five Tests Worth Paying For" by the Wall Street Journal, the VAP Cholesterol Test is available through national and regional diagnostic laboratories.

COMPARISON: Standard Lipid profile vs VAP Cholesterol panel

Standard Lipid Profile

*Measures total cholesterol

*Measures HDL

*Calculates LDL using the Friedewald formula (LDL = TC – HDL – TRIG/5)

*Measures triglycerides

*Requires fasting

The VAP Cholesterol Test

*Directly measures total cholesterol

*Directly measures HDL and separates into HDL2 and HDL3 (HDL2 is the “best” cholesterol and when low, is a risk factor for CAD, HDL3 is the least protective HDL)

*Directly measures LDL and separates into 3 components: LDL-R; Lp(a); and IDL (Total LDL may be normal, but one of the 3 components of LDL may be elevated and indicate a risk for CAD. Lp(a) is a genetic risk factor that, when elevated, could indicate a higher risk for heart disease. IDL is also a genetic risk factor.)

*Measures LDL pattern density. (Pattern A indicates large, buoyant LDL particles. Pattern B indicates small, dense LDL particles and is most atherogenic).

*Directly measures triglycerides.

*Directly measures triglyceride-rich lipids: VLDL (1,2,3 and total) (VLDL 3 is small, dense and most dangerous).

*Fasting not required. ATPIII requires expanded lipid test when triglycerides > 400mg/dL and suggests direct measured LDL in non-fasting state. 

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