Protein Electrophoresis, 24-Hour Urine (UPEP)
Fasting Required: No

Specimen: Urine, 24 hour

Results: 5-7 Business days

Includes: Total Protein, Protein Electrophoresis, Creatinine

Patient Instructions: A collection jug should be picked up from your local Quest Patient Service Center.

Description: Urine protein electrophoresis evaluates the major protein fractions found in urine. It normally includes some albumin, and often faint bands of alpha 1 and beta globulin. Excess protein loss is often a manifestation of renal disease but may also be caused by fever, thyroid disorders, congestive heart disease, hypertension, stress, cold exposure, or following excess muscle activity as in seizures. The pattern of proteins present may suggest a glomerular leak, decreased tubular reabsorption, or a combination of the two. Monoclonal free light chains may also be detected in urine in patients with gammopathies including light chain disease, multiple myeloma, Waldenstrom's macroglobinemia, amyloidosis, and myeloproliferative disorders.

Alternative Names: Globulins, 24-Hour Urine, UPE, and UPEP

Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.