Chromogranin A (CgA)
Fasting Required: No

Specimen: Blood

Results: 5-7 Business days

Patient Information: Treatment with proton-pump inhibitors or H2-receptor blockers will cause an increase in Chromogranin A concentrations.

Description: Chromogranin A (CgA) is a protein found in and released from neuroendocrine cells. The Chromogranin A test is used as a tumor marker. It may be ordered in combination with or in place of serotonin to help as an aid to diagnose carcinoid syndrome. Measurement of Chromogranin A is also useful as a tumor marker for adrenal tumors as well as small cell lung carcinoma.

Alternate Names: CgA

Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.