Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine), Plasma
Fasting Required: Yes, 10-12 hours fasting preferred

Special Instructions: Refrain from alcohol and vitamins for at least 24 hours before collection.

Specimen: Blood

Results: 7-10 Business Days

Description: Deficiency of this vitamin has been implicated in a wide variety of clinical conditions. Important in neonatology is the syndrome of jittery characteristics, colic, irritability, easy startling and seizures due to B6 deficiency following ingestion of formula rendered B6 depleted by excessive heating. B6 may be decreased with malabsorption and inflammatory disease of the small bowel and in some cases of jejunoileal bypass

Methodology: Liquid Chromatography/Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS)

Alternative Name(s): Pyridoxal Phosphate, Pyridoxal™, B6 Vitamin

Note: Result turnaround times are an estimate and are not guaranteed. Our reference lab may need additional time due to weather, holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, or equipment maintenance.