How To Order as a DLS Healthcare Provider

Ordering using your HCP account

Now that your registration is complete, you may begin ordering. It’s simple!

Once you have logged into your MyDLS® account securely with your username and password, your discounted HCP prices will be shown on the Order Tests page. Payment is processed at the time the order is placed. We accept all major credit cards. Or, call (800) 908-0000, ext. 303 to order over the phone.


1. Once you have selected the tests you would like to order, enter Customer Information.




  • Check YES to create an account for your patient if you would like for them to receive their requisition form. We will create a secure online account for your patient to access the requisition and view lab locations. Your patient will receive an email with instructions on how to access their account and requisition form.
  • Check NO if you wish for the requisitions to go to you only or if patient does not have an email address.

2. Once you submit the order for your patient, you will receive an automated email confirmation that your order was received and in process. Your receipt is also included in this email.


3. Within 2-4 business hours, DirectLabs® generates the necessary laboratory requisition form and uploads it to the online MyDLS® account selected when the order was placed. Fasting instructions are given on the requisition.

  • Patients should call the DirectLabs® toll-free number 800-908-0000 if they experience any issues at the Patient Service Center.
  • If an at home specimen collection kit was ordered, DirectLabs® will mail the kit, requisition and specimen collection instructions to your patient. It is usually received within 2-4 business days.

4. Most results are received within 24-48 hours. You may view your patient’s results online by logging in with your secure password.

  • Some testing takes additional time for analysis. Estimated turnaround times are available in each test description.