Home Test Kits


Some of the testing offered by DirectLabs® is conducted with home specimen collection kits from our Specialty Labs

  • Home test kits are mailed to you at no charge and include a prepaid specimen return envelope.
  • Collection, preparation and mailing instructions are included in the test kit.
  • Be sure to carefully follow the preparation instructions before collecting specimen.
  • Some kits require a phlebotomist for a blood collection. In this case, bring the complete kit to the lab where they will draw the blood and promptly mail the kit once the specimen is collected.
  • Prior to collection, inform the lab that all you need is a blood draw.
  • You will be responsible for additional draw fees.

Use the links provided below for help in locating a collection site near you.

Any Lab Test Now – Search to see if there is a location near you.

US Hospital Finder – Contact your local hospital, clinic or phlebotomy service. If you are unfamiliar with hospitals in your area, use the link provided.

If you are unable to locate a blood draw center near you or have any questions about home kits that require a blood draw, please contact us or call (800) 908-0000 for assistance.