Affiliate Program

Becoming a DirectLabs® Affiliate makes it easy for labs to be ordered by you or by your clients.

Looking for a way to incorporate blood testing in your practice or business? DirectLabs® makes this possible by providing the necessary doctor’s orders. DirectLabs® is an especially valuable resource for all types of medical practices whose services are not typically covered by insurance or who have patients with high deductible health plans or simply no coverage at all.

The DirectLabs® Affiliate program offers you the ability to earn revenue while passing on great savings to your clients. As a DirectLabs® Affiliate, you will receive an individualized URL to link on your website directing your clients to a custom portal to place orders, receive requisitions, sign HIPAA release forms and receive their lab results. You will be sent results if a HIPAA release is provided via their online account.

This program excludes you from the ordering process, letting your clients take control of their own health via your portal.

Using DirectLabs® for all your laboratory testing orders will save you and your clients money. We are partnered with major labs and offer the same lab testing options in the same lab settings they are used to at a fraction of the cost.

Perks of becoming a DirectLabs® Affiliate

  • No cost or commitment to sign up
  • Customized panels comprised of lab tests you commonly order together
  • Secure and personal log in for your clients to order tests and access results
  • Results available in 24-48 hours for most tests
  • Access to Quest locations nationwide (restricted states: NJ, NY, and RI)
  • Wide array of at home specimen collection kits available
  • Extra money in your pocket

To sign up for the DirectLabs® Affiliate program, return the completed registration form to:
Fax: 800-728-9048

Once the registration form is received, your portal will be customized.  You will receive an email when this is complete and will include a unique alpha code for all phone orders and your URL link to embed on your website.

Customization – If you would like to have your company logo on your portal, please send in it in jpg or gif format. It must be no larger than 305 X 74 pixels.  The image must be transparent for optimal results. You will have access to our full array of tests. There is also a featured tests section on your Order Tests page. You can highlight specific tests here that you would recommend frequently for an easy search.

Ordering Process for Your Customers – Customers will access your personalized portal by clicking on the link located on your site.  This link will direct your customers to a customized portal where they will first register and create a username and password, place orders, receive requisitions, sign HIPAA release forms and receive lab results.  Payment is due at the time of the order.  Once the order is placed, they will receive email notification within 2-4 business hours that their requisition is ready to print from their online account. DLS receives most blood test results in as little as 24-48 hours.  Some testing takes longer. Estimated turnaround times are available in each test description. Your customers will receive an email notification when results have been uploaded to their account.  If results are to be released to another party, such as a physician, they must complete the HIPAA form.

Please note:  Your clients must submit a HIPAA form for us to release results to you via mail, fax, or email.

Commission – Orders placed using your account code and those placed on your portal are tracked monthly.  You will receive a monthly usage statement by the 15th of each month and receive a 10% commission for all orders completed.  You can choose to receive your payment by check or via PayPal.  If PayPal is chosen, your usage statement will be emailed to you.