Reseller API

API Samples / Download

The DirectLabs Developer API is a set of WebService methods that allow our partners to download lab results from our system for their customers.

The API consists of 5 web methods:

GetOrderResults (Gets result set in a relation dataset format.)
GetOrderResultsPDF (Gets result set in a PDF format)
GetOrderResultsHL7 (Gets result set in an HL7 format)
GetPendingOrderIDs (Gets a list of orders with results ready for download.)
FlagResultsReceived (sets a flag to hide the record from the GetPendingOrderIDs method)

There is a full set of sample code available here:

C# Sample Code

The sample code is part of a Visual Studio 2010 project. You can run the sample by chainging one value in the web.config file of the project. The value for this configuration attribute either has or will be provided to you by your account representative at DirectLabs.

To use the partner services you must be a registered Reseller / Partner and have been issued the necessary credentials to interface with the API. You will be provided a GUID / WebKey and asked to provide the IPAddress(s) of the server(s) that will be contacting the web service from.