Most everyone has seen the commercial for Boniva with Sally Fields but does everyone realize this is a disease that not only affects women, but men as well? While more women are prone to the disease after menopause because of lower estrogen production, but lower testosterone production is also a contributor to this debilitating disease for men.


Osteoporosis is literally translated as porous bones, meaning your bones develop small holes or empty spaces. Once the bones become porous they also become brittle and can fracture very easily. A cough can break a rib of a person suffering from this condition. While changes in hormone levels can be a contributor to osteoporosis, there are other factors as well, including genetics. A person of a slight, thin build is more at risk than a heavy person. Other factors include, but are not limited to: being of European or Asian descent; excessive alcohol; deficiency of Vitamin D; smoking; soft drinks; and, malnutrition.


As with any condition, a licensed physician must make the diagnosis but some tests doctors use to check for osteoporosis can be found at DirectLabs®: Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (checks bones and minerals); or, Calcium, Ionized Serum (checks the amount of calcium in the blood).


Written by Theresa B. Tannich, Order Process Supervisor, DirectLabs®, LLC. 10/27/11.