Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA)

Men with a history of prostate problems or with a family history of prostate cancers should be regularly screened for potential prostate issues. The American Urological Association recommends regular screenings for all men with significant risk factors for prostate disease. However, many men avoid the screenings.


Reasons Men Avoid Prostate Blood Tests and Why You Should Take One Anyway

Most men, when asked why they have avoided prostate specific antigen (PSA) screenings, cite the expense, the time commitment, and the pain involved. But, thanks to Direct Laboratory Services, none of these issues needs to be a significant factor. DirectLabs® offers prices for PSA screenings that are up to 70 percent lower then regular “retail” costs.


This is especially key for “at-risk” testing, which is often not covered by insurance companies. We are able to have such low prices because of the volume at which we process these tests. The more testing we do, the cheaper each individual test becomes.


Time and pain are both less serious factors, too. With DirectLabs®, simply log onto our website to find a lab near your home or workplace and set up the appointment. At the lab, a single needle will draw a small amount of blood and then you’ll be sent on your way. Giving blood at the office Bloodmobile takes more time and effort. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among U.S. men, affecting one out of every six–so you should be screened, if only to put your mind at ease.